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Canopy Adventure Tour is an adventure travel tour for the family that propose another way to discover nature, giving the incredible feeling of flying through the forest, looking stunning landscapes that would be impossible to see from the plain.

Duratión: 140 minutes (more travel time) Midday tour

Program description

Reception at our Refuge, base of Cerro Lopez. The tour begins with a kind of group instruction approximately 15 minutes long, where instructors show the basic techniques of sliding and safety.

After placing the equipment we got on a truck Land Rover Defender to undertake an exciting ascent in 4x4 climbing the mountain. Once we reached the forest of Coihues (over 250 years) make a mini trekking to the first platform to start flights.

We slipped sitting in the harness through the cable and regulate our speed guided by instructors who are in each of the platforms. The circuit was designed to hardest to better adapt and safety of passengers.

The total distance is 1500 meters, one of the longest in South America. From its platforms can be displayed incredible panoramic views (Moreno Lake, San Pedro Peninsula, Llao Llao Hotel, Pañuelo Port.)

Upon completion of the circuit a short walk through the forest leads visitors to the 4x4 to reach the base of the hill where we will farewell with the official presentation of the "Certificate of Courage".


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Our tour starts heading south, leaving the city of Bariloche and taking the national route 40, bordering Lakes Gutierrez, Mascardi and Guillermo. On the way and crossing the landscapes of La Pampa del Toro and La Veranada, we got a winding road to Cañadón de la Mosca, at the end of it and then passing the Quemquemtreu river is up to the picturesque town of El Bolson, located in a mountain valley at the base of Piltriquitrón. This Andean city, has as its main attraction for visitors the most famous craft fair of Patagonia, where, with almost 300 stalls are handicrafts made with different materials, wool, wood, leather, glass, metals, dry flowers, clay, etc. We will have considerable time to stay in the craft fair.

It may also take a tour of the fields of fine fruit, and breweries as El Bolson has a special feature, which is its microclimate and this allows it to be one of the best producers of fine fruits and hops.

As a final point of the tour, we visit the Lago Puelo National Park, where the green waters, make it a mandatory stop.




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Victoria Island and Myrtle Forest

Knowing Victoria Island and witness the spectacle of Myrtle Forest, is a pleasure that has already been experienced by millions of visitors to the National Park, but this island still looks intact storage conditions  to the next tourists arrive to Puerto Anchorena for disembark and cross it.

Setting off from Pañuelo Port and after sailing for about an hour, we get to Quetrihué  Península where you visit a unique myrtle forest which is considered the only one left in the world. While walking along a wooden trail you can appreciate these hundred-year-old species. The myrtle is a bush that grows the size of a tree. It is cinnamon-colored and features a thin bark that comes off and reveals some white spots underneath which make the myrtles unique in themselves. At the end of the trail, you can visit the famous “Casita del Bosque”.

Then we sail for about 40 more minutes to Victoria Island and disembark at Puerto Anchorena. You will be able to visit a nursery of conifers and other species, enjoy natural viewpoints and walk along trails which unfold amazing beauty. One of the trails leads to Playa del Toro (Bull Beach) where you can see cave paintings and relax at a beach of volcanic sand.

During the trip, you will be accompanied by our professional guides from the National Park.


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Puerto Blest

If you have not lived the experience of sailing on Lake Nahuel Huapi, through its most impressive arm, Blest arm, ready to enjoy a unique and unparalleled moment. Setting off from Pañuelo port this tour offers meet over an hour of navigation, the Centinela islet, where the remains of Perito Moreno, father of National Parks in Argentina, to then arrive at “Los Cantaros” waterfall. Then you can deep into the lush vegetation of the “Valdiviana” jungle, reach “Los Cantaros” lake, there to enjoy the strong presence of a larch with more than 1,500 years.

After sailing just five minutes you finally reach Puerto Blest, the place that has marveled for years to tourists who visit from the most diverse countries in the world. From there you can visit Lake Frías, whose peculiar green waters come from one of the glaciers of Mount Tronador, natural boundary between Argentina and Chile. As an optional extension of this magnificent excursion, you can navigate the lake “Frias”, appreciate the Condors Nest wall and give a finishing touch to a walk, that will remain forever engraved in his heart.



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