Canopy Adventure Tour is an adventure travel tour for the family that propose another way to discover nature, giving the incredible feeling of flying through the forest, looking stunning landscapes that would be impossible to see from the plain.

Duratión: 140 minutes (more travel time) Midday tour

Program description

Reception at our Refuge, base of Cerro Lopez. The tour begins with a kind of group instruction approximately 15 minutes long, where instructors show the basic techniques of sliding and safety.

After placing the equipment we got on a truck Land Rover Defender to undertake an exciting ascent in 4x4 climbing the mountain. Once we reached the forest of Coihues (over 250 years) make a mini trekking to the first platform to start flights.

We slipped sitting in the harness through the cable and regulate our speed guided by instructors who are in each of the platforms. The circuit was designed to hardest to better adapt and safety of passengers.

The total distance is 1500 meters, one of the longest in South America. From its platforms can be displayed incredible panoramic views (Moreno Lake, San Pedro Peninsula, Llao Llao Hotel, Pañuelo Port.)

Upon completion of the circuit a short walk through the forest leads visitors to the 4x4 to reach the base of the hill where we will farewell with the official presentation of the "Certificate of Courage".


  • K2_XTRA_TEMPORADA: All year
  • K2_XTRA_OBSERVACIONES: No restrictions of age or physical condition, technique does not require strength or mountain knowledge, which allows to do the whole family. The boys 4 to 8 years you can do with an instructor in tandem.

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